Turramurra House

Turramurra, New South Wales 2010

The house has been designed as an ‘armature’ for a young growing family to live and evolve, offering a variety of open living and private retreat spaces. Family accommodation is contained within a simple two storey volume that gently terraces down the site thereby opening up internally to a voluminous open living space under the canopy of the Scribbly Gums. An upper level contains Guest and children’s bedrooms leading to a large Parent’s Retreat with an outdoor deck offering a private outlook through the canopies of the Scribbly Gums. Within the structured courtyard space, the kitchen garden offers a domestic scale space adjacent to the kitchen and provides for passive surveillance of the pool. The intimate courtyard landscape is a counter to the expansive natural bush landscape beyond.

Builder: Steele Associates

Noxon Giffen Architects