Flinders Cottage

Flinders, Victoria 

In progress


Abbey Road Institue

Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria



Beluah Park

Beulah Park, Adelaide 

In progress: A renovation and extension to an existing suburban residence.


Emu Swamp Farmhouse

Emu Swamp, New South Wales 2014-

In progress: A new Farmhouse project on a large rural property in Orange NSW.

Builder: John Nunn Building Contractors

Noxon Giffen Architects


Hampton House

Hampton, New South Wales 2009

The Hampton Farmhouse is located on a 120 acre rural site west of the Blue Mountains near the Jenolan Caves. The farmhouse will provide weekender accommodation for a young Sydney family and was completed in 2009.

The house is located on a north facing slope and is sited to take advantage of both the distant rural views and the rolling hills and dams of the farm property. The linear pavilion follows the land’s contours and offers full northern aspect to all accommodation whilst a courtyard void adjacent to the living spaces provides a covered outdoor room.

The primary spaces lie to the north whilst the garage is housed in a second pavilion to the south, creating an entry between the two volumes.

Photographer: Richard Glover

Builder: Cox’s River Constructions

Noxon Giffen Architects


Leabrook House

Leabrook, Adelaide 



Main Creek

Main Ridge, Victoria 2015-

In progress: A renovation and extension of a mid -century country house, in Main Ridge, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula

Builder: R.D McGowan


Main Ridge Dairy

Main Ridge, Victoria 2004

Designed to a tight budget, the Cheesery houses a small goats cheese making factory and associated retail outlet for the public.

Utilising a standard steel frame farm shed to maximize internal flexibility, the building is cloaked in translucent fibreglass sheet with a protective outer layer of vertical timber fins. Conceived in response to the filtered light and surrounding ridge-top silhouetted tree trunks prominent on the site, the façade both filters light and controls unwanted heat gain. The factory is located to the south whilst retail area and tasting facilities to the north with an aspect overlooking surrounding goat paddocks and farm dam. An internal palette of white fibreglass and sealed concrete floors and recycled timber lend the facility an elemental rural quality.

Photographer: Shannon McGrath, Will Salter

Builder: Everclear Constructions

Noxon Giffen Architects


Main Ridge Farmhouse

Main Ridge, Victoria




Main Ridge House

Main Ridge, Victoria 2014

The Main Ridge House continues Noxon Giffen’s exploration of rural house typologies.
The house comprises of four bedrooms, open plan kitchen/dining/living spaces, and a separate Garage structure.

The house is organised about a linear spine creating a ‘gallery’ space which is top lit with filtered natural light. Central to the house is a large semi-enclosed outdoor courtyard space which offers secondary living and social spaces. All living spaces are orientated towards the dramatic westerly views. The natural timber cladding facade with sliding timber screens filter natural light and heat in addition to providing glare control.

Limited natural materials have been used with the home incorporating a highly sustainable design approach. A 6-star energy rating is achieved with rain water tanks, on site waste treatment and solar pv’s.

Photographer: Shannon McGrath
Builder: R.D McGowan

Noxon Giffen Architects


Manning Road

East Malvern, Victoria 2011

A double storey rectangular volume contains living spaces and the children’s accommodation, whist a separate single storey volume contains a parent’s wing. The two volumes are organised about a central access spine, which forms an Entry Hall and visually links to a pond and fire place beyond. Living spaces are generally located to the north for solar and garden access, whilst articulation of the building form and facade controls day-lighting to the interior spaces. 

Since completion it has featured in a number of architectural publications and has been nominated for various awards.

Photographer: Peter Clarke
Builder: Warwick Constructions

Noxon Giffen Architects



Martin Street House

South Melbourne, Victoria 2016-

In progress: A renovation and extension to a double fronted Victorian brick cottage in South Melbourne.

Builder: Bespoke Project Management


Musk Creek House

Flinders, Victoria 2016-

In progress: A new country house outside Flinders on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.


Montague Street House

South Melbourne, Victoria 2016-

In progress: A renovation and extension to a single fronted Victorian brick cottage in South Melbourne.


Orrong House

Main Ridge, Victoria 2007

The design provides extensive new build accommodation for an established country house. Facilities include a simple new single volume pavilion housing kitchen, dining and living areas, an indoor lap pool and separate three car garage. The design carefully integrates with the expansive existing house by adopting a strong horizontal emphasis and reinforcing existing axial circulation patterns and spatial sequences.

The site is being master planned by Noxon Giffen to include renovation to the existing house, new access road, and landscape elements including sculpture ponds and gardens, and a small lake.

Photographer: Shannon McGrath

Builder: R.D.McGowan

Noxon Giffen Architects


Otway House

Otway, Victoria

In Progress


Porcupine Ridge House

Porcupine Ridge, Victoria 2016-

In progress: A new Farmhouse outside Daylesford, Victoria.



Shoreham, Victoria

In Progress


Studios 301

Alexandria, New South Wales


Photographer: Thierry Boudan, Daniel Linnet


Turramurra House

Turramurra, New South Wales 2010

The house has been designed as an ‘armature’ for a young growing family to live and evolve, offering a variety of open living and private retreat spaces. Family accommodation is contained within a simple two storey volume that gently terraces down the site thereby opening up internally to a voluminous open living space under the canopy of the Scribbly Gums. An upper level contains Guest and children’s bedrooms leading to a large Parent’s Retreat with an outdoor deck offering a private outlook through the canopies of the Scribbly Gums. Within the structured courtyard space, the kitchen garden offers a domestic scale space adjacent to the kitchen and provides for passive surveillance of the pool. The intimate courtyard landscape is a counter to the expansive natural bush landscape beyond.

Builder: Steele Associates

Noxon Giffen Architects


Yarck House

Yarck, Victoria 2008

Yarck House provides weekender accommodation for a young family of five on an expansive rural property at the base of the alpine region in Victoria.

The house is contained in a long pavilion whilst a utility courtyard separates a games room outbuilding, all of which is united under a single protective roof element. The linear arrangement offers every room full north aspect for views and passive solar gain, whilst protecting northerly outdoor areas from the predominant southerly winds.

Photographer: Shannon McGrath

Builder: Green House Sustainable Building

Noxon Giffen Architects


Yarra House

Hawthorn, Victoria 2015-

In progress: A new family home on the banks of the Yarra river in Hawthorn, Victoria.